Wednesday Wonderful Women: Me

I know, it’s kind of vain to say that I am a wonderful woman.  Well, there are a lot of things about myself that I don’t really like and wish I could change.  But, for the most part, I am pretty comfortable with myself and there are things I see of myself that I would like to share.  I guess that’s why I started this blog.  Think of it more as an introduction than a self indulging rant to brag about myself.

You’ll see in  the “about” section that I am a mother, homemaker, entrepreneur, student, and Latter-day Saint.  These things pretty much describe what I do but there is little in my life right now that reveals who I really am.  I live above my means, not because I live a lavish lifestyle but because the current economy has forced my husband into a job where he is underemployed.  Searching for a job for four years has turned up fruitless even with a master’s degree and decent job experience.  I can’t afford the latest fashions or dining at the nicest restaurants.  So what you see is not what you get.  There is a lot about me you just wouldn’t think upon appearance.  I have a lot of different experiences.  I know people perceive that I am shy, but that is just my persona – what I project in new situations until I feel more comfortable.  If all you see is the shy, reserved me then I am probably not comfortable.  Am I the only one who does that?  What do you project when you are in a new situation?

Anyhow.  I would describe my childhood as comfortable.  My parents raised me in a quiet little town where every body knows your name.  I didn’t appreciate that as much as I do now.  I was smart – advanced classes smart.  I struggled with math, but I excelled at English.  Until I was challenged by peer pressure and lost sight of my academics, I had a pretty solid mind.

My favorite dress was this one my mom made when I was in first grade.  It was for a Christmas production so it was red and white and ruffly.  I never liked being frilly as a kid so it was a big deal that I liked this dress.  I think I knew that my mom put a lot of effort into it so I treasured it that much more.  I knew I was special and that my mom loved me to make it for me.

When I’m feeling down, I usually try to get more rest!  Then I turn to the Lord and work harder to keep His commandments.  Not that I am otherwise disobedient, but when I am in need of the Spirit, I need to do the things that will help me feel it.  So, I check myself to see what I can be doing better and I try to do it.

True religion means that you live what you believe every day.  It means  being a disciple of Jesus Christ in what you think, say and do.  It’s about having charity and integrity at all times.  When you live your religion, you are constantly an example to others, and are striving to glorify God when you use your gifts and talents.

Being a good citizen means that you are mindful of more than just yourself.  It means you do things that will leave society better than you found it.  Serve others.  Smile at each other.  Don’t freak out when someone wants to merge in front of you on the highway but graciously let them in and smile.  Get involved in the community where you can and be a force for the good of all, not just yourself.  You can’t please everyone but you can do a little here and there that will improve the world around you.  So just try.

Parenthood is a privilege.  It’s a crazy world we live in where people are getting abortions while others are spending millions on fertility treatments.  Every child is a gift from God.  Treasure it.  Refine your character that you will be a loving and patient parent.  It’s not easy, believe me.  But when your child cries out in the middle of the night, think of all the orphans who have no one to comfort them and squeeze your baby just a little tighter while you give them an extra little kiss.

Marriage is about synergy.  It’s more about interdependence than codependency.  Neither partner should take on the soul responsibility of doing everything.  You can’t change each other, you can only change yourself.  Do the things you would want them to do.  Pray for your sweetheart.  Pray together.  “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20).

My recently new mantra: Every stumbling block a stepping stone.  Nothing has to be as bad as it seems.  I can make the best of it.

If money were no issue all I’d want is to give my children the best education I can dream of without ever sending them to an institution!  I would travel with them, give them all kinds of lessons and tutors, and teach them everything they need to know to be successful and happy.

I want to be known for my intelligence, for my ability to follow-through with my dreams and my potential.  I want to be known for my talents and the abilities God has given me to give to others for their enjoyment and edification.  Remember me for my voice, for my writing, for my inventions, for my ability to teach others how to improve their lives.  Remember me for my sweet children and for all they become.  Remember me that I was a disciple of Christ and lived to bring glory to His name through my words and actions.  Remember Him because of me.

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