Faith to Plant a Seed

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In March, I started an experiment to see if I could start a container garden! I did a little research and asked my mom to fill in some of the details, but for the most part, I am pretty ignorant when it comes to gardening. (A seasoned gardener would probably look at my pictures and think, “well that’s pretty clear!” That’s ok. I did my best). I decided that the best way to learn is by doing it myself. As  Latter-day Saints, we are admonished to be self-reliant. To me, self- reliance is having the means to support myself and my family which includes knowing how to manage my finances, cook, learning how to sew, and how to produce my own food. I’m kind of terrible at managing my money, but I try. I do pretty well with cooking. I’m working on the sewing (post to come), and I decided that I need to create a garden! My conclusion: it was totally worth it to just try it out!! I thought I would be too busy to plant and nurture a garden! I literally had to have faith to plant those seeds with the hope that they would be fruitful! I really did very little – minimal effort at best. I planted the seeds and I watered them. I kept them in the sun and midway through April I put them outside on the balcony where I continue to water them. You can see the results in my slide show.

I know that self-reliance is an important principle, especially as I see all the disasters happening in the world and in our nation right now! It is essential to know how to be prepared!

When my garden starts producing, I will be freezing and canning the fruits to add to my food storage! I can’t wait!

Need help with food storage?  Check Food Storage Made Easy. ❤


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