Wednesday Wonderful Women: Harriet Tubman

I read a biography of Harriet Tubman on this website for Women in History.  Harriet was an amazing woman!  She was born into slavery, but was determined to gain her freedom.  Once she was free, she led twenty missions to retrieve other slaves from bondage.  Later, she joined John Brown to plot an attack on Harper’s Ferry, Virginia and served the Union Army as a cook, laundress, nurse, scout, and spy during the Civil War.  Harriet was determined to serve her people all her life.  She was brave and strong.  “Despite the hardships inflicted upon her and the unfairness of them, Harriet used her labors for self discipline and set for herself the goal of escaping to the North.”  She used that same self discipline to demonstrate confidence in her capacities and worked hard to raise funds for her cause. 

She believed she had been called by God to help her people, and once told an interviewer:

“Now do you suppose he wanted me to do this just for a day, or a week? No! the Lord who told me to take care of my people meant me to do it just so long as I live, and so I do what he told me to do.”

Later in life she took up a cause in suffrage and was a delegate to the National Association of Colored Women’s first annual convention.  She made her home a Home for “Aged and Indigent Colored People”.  She truly did serve her people her entire life.  She is a true example of selflessness and discipline to accomplish great things.


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