Funny Friday: Potty Humor

My infant son (nine months) pooed in the bathtub THREE times this week!  You’d think I’d learn my lesson when his little eye brows and cheeks turn red and he’s holding his breath that I should scoop him out…but what would I do then?  I’d rather just drain the tub and start over with a clean tub than clean poops off the floor or something!

It’s also cracking me up that my daughter, now two, has started to go into her room, close the door, and hide in the corner whenever she needs to go.  I guess that means that she is getting to that stage where she will be ready to potty train.  I am waiting until she wants it so I don’t make the whole process more difficult than it has to be.

Anyway, these thoughts are spurred by a blog post I read the other day that I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.  I love how children have no reservations around the things we consider taboo.  Makes life more interesting I guess.  Although I don’t recommend that we all make comments about people’s flatulence or otherwise, perhaps it’s OK to loosen up a little when tales such as this one are recounted and appreciate the charm of innocence!

Read:My Child Will Embarrass You in the Bathroom


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