Monday Media: General Conference

So you missed General Conference?  That’s a bummer, but it’s OK because you can still see it HERE!  You did catch it!  Awesome!  Let’s watch it again!!  A great way to remember what was said in conference is by reviewing the talks often.  I have a personal goal to review one talk from the most recent conference each week during my personal study.  It was wonderful to listen to the words of the Prophet and Apostles and other General Authorities.  If you don’t have time to watch the talks before they are published in print, you can go to the Church News site to review highlights from each talk.

I appreciated Sister Beck’s perspective on Relief Society.  She said, “Relief Society is meant to be a way of life for Latter-day Saint women, following the pattern of female disciples who served with the Lord Jesus Christ and His Apostles in His ancient Church” (The Vision of Prophets Regarding Relief Society: Faith, Family, Relief).  I liked that she said that women of the church would stand out in a good way and be set apart from women of the world.  This is because of there membership in the church and the Relief Society.

President Monson covered many of the basic tenets of the gospel including where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going.  Click here to listen to the Prophet’s message “The Race of Life”.

In the Saturday morning session, President Monson referred to the messages that would be shared and promised that, “Should there be changes which need to be made in your life, may you find the incentive and the courage to do so as you listen to the inspired words which will be spoken. May each of us resolve anew to live so that we are worthy sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father” (As We Gather Once Again).  There is truth in these messages and I know they are true.  They bless my life daily.  I look forward to reviewing the messages that were shared and evaluating my life and finding ways I can improve.


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