Wednesday Wellness: Biggest Loser

I recently read this great article called “Big loser a big winner” from the BYU alumni website about a BYU alum who was on the Biggest Loser.

What a great inspiration he is.

“Weight loss and being healthy are two completely different things.  Too many people focus so much on that scale, on getting that number as low as they can, that they tend to do things that are really not healthy” (Kinikini, in the video).


Losing weight and being “skinny” does not always a healthy person make.  Being healthy is keeping a lifestyle that keeps your body clean, healthy, strong, lean (as in muscle), and consists of eating well, and exercising regularly.  It is curbing your cravings, planning and tracking your meals, moderation in “empty calories”, and forcing yourself to exercise even a little each day.  There are no quick fixes or easy answers for health.  It is a lifestyle and a commitment you have to make forever!

The article lists five ways to “eat smart”.  Great tips:


In addition to exercise, get fit by following these 5 SMART food tips from Diana Harman McGuire (BS ’74), a retired BYU food science professor who has taught weight management techniques for more than 20 years.

1. Sustain.  Mentally decide to eat healthy for a lifetime. And plan! You must plan to shop for, prepare, and eat healthy foods.

2. Measure Portions. When you can’t control food choices, you can control portions. Even “healthy foods” need portion control. Avoid the BLTs: bites, licks, and tastes. They add up.

3.  Account. Have a means of accountability. You will feel better if you check your progress. But eliminate defeatist thinking—“on the diet or off the diet.” Healthy eating is a matter of healthier food choices one at a time.

4.  Regularly Eat. Never get too hungry. You should feel moderate hunger before eating and moderate satisfaction after eating. Most people should eat at least three meals plus two or three snacks a day.

5. Take in Types. Don’t exclude any food groups. You need the nutrients from every group. Balance, variety, and moderation are key. Try low-fat or fat-free items.


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