Monday Media: Distorted Thinking

I recently saw an image that gave me pause.  A girl is holding a sign that says, “If a size ‘2’ is beautiful, Than my size ’22’ must be glorious.” (Never mind it should be “then” – there are bigger issues here than grammar).  I am so frustrated by the messages the media sends about being “perfect”.  What frustrates me about this image is how distorted the whole message is.  Neither size 2 nor size 22 are good from a health standpoint, and neither should be used as justification for being one size or the other.  Although BMI isn’t a perfect way to track health, it is a good gauge to help people see where they may stand.  I think what people forget is that it is possible to be underweight, as well as overweight (Click here to understand BMI).  The distortion of the image is that she has convinced herself that she has to compare herself to a size 2 and then justifies her overweight by it.  I understand we all can’t fit into a mold, and we can’t all be the same, but what I wish people would understand is that we should all be striving for optimal health, not optimal size – because there is no such thing.

In a talk by President Gordon B. Hinckley entitled “The Body is Sacred,” we learn:

The body is sacred. It was created in the image of God. It is something to be cared for and used for good purposes. It ought to be taken care of, and this thing which we call the Word of Wisdom, which is a code of health, is most helpful in doing that…
I give thanks to our Creator for revealing unto His Prophet what we call the Word of Wisdom. I do not hesitate to say that in this brief but inclusive statement of the Lord is found counsel, given with a promise, which, if more widely observed, would save untold pain and suffering and lead not only to increased physical well-being but also to great and satisfying “treasures of knowledge” of the things of God.

This is also an excellent article addressing the distorted thinking of the media, and our culture: “Ashley Judd Slaps Media in the Face for Speculation Over Her ‘Puffy’ Appearance” I recommend it.

Just remember, you are beautiful because you are a child of God.  All He asks of us is to care for our bodies as the gift they are, and to not judge others.



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