Monday Memories: Memorial Day

Memorial day is a great holiday.  It isn’t just about BBQs and beaches, it’s true.  It really is a great day to remember our veterans, and those who have given up their lives for our freedom!

Memorial day is one of the most dreaded days of the year if you are in the marching band… especially if you play percussion… especially if you play the quad toms and you have to lug 30+ pounds of drum five miles in the 90 degree heat!  OK, it wasn’t all that bad.  In fact, I really enjoyed marching in the Memorial day parade, and have fond memories of it.  We marched from the center of my small town, down to the big cemetery outside of town where a memorial service was held.  Here I am as a junior in HS carrying my quads during band practice.  Ah…good times.

So, I hope you attend a Memorial day parade this year, and when you do, cheer extra hard for the marching band.  To me they represent the hard work and discipline that shaped my life.  Hard work and discipline are rare virtues anymore, but those are the very virtues that lend strength to the values that our country stands upon.  They are the foundation of sacrifice, and sacrifice is what our veterans did/do to grant us our freedom.


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