Sunday (S)elebrations: Wedding


My little family and I took a road trip from Northern Virginia to Southern Michigan this weekend for my sister-in-law’s wedding! What a beautiful event!

During the ceremony, the pastor shared great thoughts, the bride and groom shared beautiful vows to one another, and I even got the chance to sing for the bride and groom a song written by the groom’s late grandma!  Everything was wonderful!

One thing the pastor said has really stuck with me. He talked about the difference between a contract and a covenant. This is a common subject in the LDS faith for we make several covenants from baptism to marriage, in addition to the other covenants we make in the temple. Still, I think we sometimes struggle with the difference between a contract and a covenant other than that a covenant is made with God.  The Bible Dictionary says the conditions of a covenant are set by God.  Still, the definitions of covenants and contracts are pretty similar.

I appreciated the pastor’s distinction between the two.  While both are an agreement between two parties, he said a contract is formed to secure our own interests, while a covenant is made with the interest of someone else at heart.

I’m going to have to ponder on this a little more, but what do you think?


After the ceremony and pictures, we had a delicious dinner and cake.  The bride and groom’s first dance was so cute.  They had practiced a dance to “It had to be you” and it was beautiful!  Then the dance floor cleared and all my kids wanted to do was dance like there was no tomorrow!  That’s right, we let our tiny babies stay up past 10pm, but oh, what fun we had!  They were totally wired the whole night.  They were little balls of energy! Then we went to our hotel room and they insisted on sleeping in the big queen size bed together.  That worked out well since they both went right to sleep.  They’ve had a couple of naps today and they went to bed at their usual hour.  I cannot describe to you how precious they are.  They are just the sweetest little angels.



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