Monday Mirth: Moments of Joy at Home
















I’m sorry I don’t know how to add captions to the pictures from my phone. There are few words that could really capture the pure joy we all experienced this trip. It has been a long time since I have felt so loved and so comfortable in my surroundings.
First night, I met up with my brother for his birthday and we were joined by my parents, fater-in-law, and a good friend to see The Avengers. Next morning, we spent in my hometown at a local park, had lunch in a small diner downtown and got some ice cream at the DQ with my parents. While at the park, I bumped into an old friend that I haven’t seen since high school. It felt so good to catch up. I wish I’d gotten a picture with her.
That night was the rehearsal dinner at the groom’s parent’s lake house. I didn’t get many pictures there but it was a blast.
Saturday morning we met up with dear friends of ours before heading out to the wedding, which was a total blast! We got to have a spontaneous family photo shoot. I will post pictures when I get them. We had a mini vacation within a vacation as we crashed at a hotel near the wedding. So much fun!
We spent much of Sunday with my family. My sweet sister invited us to a BBQ at their place. She set up the kiddie pool and the kids got soaked but it felt great in the 85+ degree weather.
We concluded that evening sitting outside by the fire with my in-laws just shooting the breeze.
It was hard to leave this morning. The kids spent lots of play time with their grandparents while we got ready. They got even more play time with their other grandparents when we stopped in to say goodbye and had lunch.
I think I laughed more this weekend than I have in a long time. The weather was heavenly, the company was uplifting, and the occasions exciting, beautiful and relaxing.
I can’t wait to go back for my brother’s wedding in a couple of months.
There is no place like home. Home is where the heart is.


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