Sunday Social: Sylvester McMonkey McBean

I read “The Sneetches” to my kids often, and a thought occurred to me. I think in our society there are two sides to most conflicts that are so heated, and they generally include conservative vs. liberal. Yet no one seems to notice this third party, the “fix-it-up chappie.” Is he mediator, catalyst, or con artist? It seems he is anyone whose goal is to come in and milk the controversy by escalating the dispute and conning us into believing one side is going to win the debate. Perhaps these are “conspiring men”, politicians or corporations, and media in all its forms who are capitalizing on our ignorance and pettiness. And it’s not just groups, it’s anyone that does anything to pit us against each other, returning hate for hate rather than love and tolerance. These are people who are convinced that we will never learn, but are willing to give up our freedom to be right. In reality, we are missing the big picture and no one seems willing to just suck it up and agree that we all just need to get along. There are bigger problems that need our cooperation – problems in healthcare, education, economics, and crime that are blind to religion, skin color, and sexual orientation. And if they aren’t, then perhaps we all need to rally behind one another and find real solutions, not bicker.

Still, I always wonder why the plain-belly Sneetches didn’t just go have their own frankfurter parties. Why was their happiness so dependent on the star-bellies?

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