Friday Frustrations: Think Before You Speak


He’s really loving his paci right now. He’s scowling because I tried to take it away. Normally, he hands it to me himself.

This evening, my little family and I had dinner at our favorite dine-in super market, and then decided to grab a few groceries for tomorrow. My poor son has been cutting teeth all week and has constantly been in a crabby mood. He’s been very clingy and needy, and has been asserting his opinions very vocally. Needless to say, when we placed him in the seat in the shopping cart, he let us know he was not pleased. There isn’t really much you can do at that point. Generally, I just hoped that he’d get over it and calm down, but he didn’t. I was trailing behind my little family while my husband was pushing the cart and overheard a large elderly woman in a motorized cart say something under her breath to the effect of, “why don’t you just go home?” While I would normally concur and agree that overtired children at the grocery store really need to go to bed, that just wasn’t the case this time, nor do I actually SAY anything about it. My husband actually heard her too, and made a sassy face. I, on the other hand, refuted her snobby remark since I was clearly within earshot. “We’re trying, thanks. He’s teething and has been crabby all day.” She immediately started to back peddle. Suddenly her snide remark was playful sarcasm, and she even made a little excuse. So lame. Mostly, I can laugh it off. I wasn’t trying to be mean to her. It’s probably one of the few times I have ever stood up for myself in that kind of situation, but I had to stand up for my baby. He’s just going through this phase where he has strong opinions but doesn’t really know how to communicate them.

Some people really just don’t have any idea what it’s like to have children.  I do what I can to soothe his aching teeth, but there’s only so much I can do for his attitude.


I had to break out the Moby today so I could actually exercise this morning. He ended up falling asleep. Tomorrow, I’ll just lay him down.