Monday Mysteries: The “Whole Foods” Illusion

I take a routine trip to my local health foods market when I need to refill my water jugs and I’m always amazed by the amount of pure junk food that covers the shelves. Yet somehow, because it’s sold at a health food store, it is more acceptable or justifiable? What is it about being in a health food store that triggers something in our mind that says, “oh, it’s organic or local, so it’s obviously better for me than processed inorganic foods”? I am ripped apart inside by the temptation whenever I go, not only knowing I cannot afford the monetary cost, but the caloric costs as well. Just because something is organic or whatever does not justify indulgence.  And, just because something is inorganic doesn’t mean it’s terrible for you, especially in moderation (more on this later).
I learned a secret to optimal health while celebrating my daughter’s birthday yesterday. In the amount of time it took my daughter to savor a single Oreo cookie, I had barely taken a breath after diving into an entire piece of cake and several of those same cookies, only to pause afterwords and realize they really weren’t worth the calories. Yet, as I was scraping the last bits of frosting off my plate, my sweet daughter put down her unfinished cookie #2 and left the table to play.
More cherished is the subtle moderation of sweets, than the frequent indulgence of a craving.
The best scene of savoring food – love it: “What About Bob?”