Friday Finds: iPhone Camera Apps

My husband sent me a link to this article in the Wall Street Journal that poses the question whether the iPhone is the only camera you will ever need. I know I’ve only had my phone for about a month so I’m still in the honeymoon phase of my ownership, but I’m starting to think that this phase is never gonna end! I’m continually amazed at the incredible use I can get out of this phone!!
Some amazing apps for your camera are listed in the article. A few I have tried are Camera Awesome, Instagram, and Diptic.
My favorite thing is just the convenience of recording my memories and my moments! What a huge blessing. When I upload my images to Instagram they are automatically copied into my Momento app where I record all my most precious moments and thoughts and inspirations. Most of my pics may be of my husband and kids but they represent my best moments.
Here are a couple pictures that have been “awesomized” and the same pics sectioned together with Diptic. So much fun!