Monday Media: The Temple part II

After writing my post yesterday about going to the temple, I saw this great article written by someone not of my faith who had visited a temple open house in Missouri. (A Female Episcopal Priest Visits a Mormon Temple). The article has a good perspective, and includes pictures of the inside of the temple.
When a new temple is built, or after renovations are done on older temples, they are opened to the public to tour. There are several new temples being built around the world (new temple announcements).
This video explains why The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints build temples. I hope that you will be able to visit a temple during an open house in your area.

After the temple open house, a dedicatory prayer is offered by the President of the Church or his counselors to dedicate the temple to God for service. After a temple is dedicated, all active members of the church are invited to enter often to participate in the services there.
Again, you can learn more about temples at, or attend a Sunday service (separate from temple service) (meetinghouse locator), or contact a representative of the church (

Sunday Simplicity: The Temple


The temple is an amazing place. It is so perfectly serene. We had a fabulous babysitter who put our kids to bed while we were gone, I picked up some Cafe Rio on the way for a satisfying meal, and then enjoyed a wonderful evening in the temple where we were able to forget the world and just be at peace, even for a moment, and relish the Spirit, the atmosphere, and even an unexpected encounter with old friends.
I am convinced that the temple truly is the place where our spirituality is refined, our testimonies secured, and our faith invigorated. It is good to remember the covenants, the promises, the purity, the power of the temple.